BMW Z3 M coupe donut at Santa Pod BMW Show 2009

doing a donut in my supercharged S50 Z3m Coupe, same day ran 1/4 mile 12.6 @ 115 mph...not that bad on street tyres

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Straight pipe fitting on BMW Z3 2.8
Short video about how I fitted a straight pipe on my Z3. Forgive my amateurism,my real profession suits to the name as the car called by ones who never drive it :) Pipe available (pipe + shipping alot cheaper then any of the well-know garages fees) from my friend,handmade in Germany,message him at,if You not sure about Yourself it could be fitted by myself in Basingstoke,Hamps. Thanks for watching it,see my other videos as well!

BMW Z3M turbo vs. c6 z06 vs c6 z06
Roll racing between The SHU Z3 //M (500+whp) and two modified Corvette C6 Z06's!

BMW M Coupe S50B32 Burnout and Donuts
Doing burnouts and donuts in a Euro S50B32 swapped M Coupe with Gintani headers and Eisenmann Race mufflers

bmw z3 coupe 2.8
18 inch schnitzer