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~~Episode 12 Ring Brothers 1970 Mustang Dragon Autrestomod.flv

www.autorestomod.com Rate and subscribe. Be sure to set your subscription for email notification! Ask for How Tos! We're like a lounge act, we do requests! We were going to bring you BOTH the 1970 Mustang Dragon from the Ring Brothers AND the final on the Xenon bulbs and harness...but Vinnie chose to get sick. OK Vinnie didn't Choose to get sick but he still got sick. SO the halogens as well as hood flexing are next week.


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1964 Ford Fairlane Ring Brothers "Afterburner" SEMA 2013
The 1964 Ford Fairlane "Afterburner" from SEMA 2013..The car has been around a couple of years...but this was the first time I had seen it,,,,Way cool....Check it out!!...Make sure you follow me so that you don't miss any of the other awesome videos I shot at this show! My apparel provided by: http://www.etmotorgear.com Check them out!!

Ringbrothers Unveil Carbon Fiber Mustang
Mike and Jim Ring, co-owners of Ringbrothers, discuss why they used carbon fiber body material for their latest Mustang vehicle build.

Ford Mustang Reactor
Our hats are off for one of the nicest cars we have ever seen. Watch. You'll agree...

Jim Ring doing a burn out in Ringbrothers' 1965 Mustang, Producer while John Jackons from NotStockPhotography shoots. Jim's trying to stay in one spot so John can get a good shoot.

1965 Ford Mustang Carbon Fiber Widebody by the Ring Brothers at SEMA 2013
http://www.youtube.com/user/MustangConnection1 1965 Ford Mustang Carbon Fiber Widebody by the Ring Brothers at SEMA 2013 powered by a 1000 horsepower Blown Motor.

Ring Brothers Reveal "The Grinch" 71 Camaro at 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas
Custom 1971 Chevrolet Camaro built by the Ring Brothers gets unvield in the BASF booth at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas See more coverage of the 2012 SEMA Show at: http://www.rodandpiston.com

Top Five Secrets To Hose Candy With The Ringbrothers
http://www.hosecandy.com www.facebook.com/hosecandy Subscribe at www.youtube.com/hosecandy It's no secret Ringbrothers produces some cutting-edge vehicles. They're heroes in the aftermarket world of custom car fabrication and building. The two are constantly pushing the industry and raising the bar. For them, Hose Candy, the under hood hose and clamp dress-up company, is their first choice. It's simple to use and easily installed and Ringbrothers even discuss their top five Hose Candy secrets. With Hose Candy, you'll never need to hide unsightly hoses or vacuum lines again. hosecandy "hose candy" ringbrothers "ring brothers" "jon petty" hosecandy.com "radiator hose" hose "fix hose leaks" "silicone hose" "boa clamps" "hose bones" "hose skins" sidewinders "quick couplers"

An interview w/ Ringbrothers, Mike & Jim Ring - Their history & experience painting in a GFS booth.
http://globalfinishing.com - In this interview, Mike and Jim Ring give us some of the history of Ringbrothers, discuss their thoughts on spraying waterborne paints, provide some insight in to spraying clear coats and matte clear coats, and talk about their experiences painting cars in their GFS PERFORMER paint booth.

Ring Brothers - Maiden Voyage
65 Mustang 1st Test Run

Troy Trepanier's Stunning 1954 Buick "Old Skool" featuring Mercedes Power!?
Rad Rides by Troy's own Troy Trepanier talks about his latest creation, a 1954 Buick powered - incredibly - by a Mercedes supercharged drivetrain. powerTV found it in the Eaton booth at SEMA 2011, and our own Amber Goetz talked with Troy about this build as well as his efforts at Bonneville this year! - SUBSCRIBE to the POWERTV YOUTUBE Channel -- http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=powertv ***** Visit Power Automedia's Online Magazines! Power Automedia is the #1 Automotive Performance Digital Publisher! Ford & Mustang - http://www.stangtv.com LSX GM - http://www.lsxtv.com Hot Rods & Muscle Cars - http://www.streetlegaltv.com Drag Racing - http://www.dragzine.com Street Rods! - http://www.rodauthority.com Chevy Muscle Cars - http://www.chevyhardcore.com Engine Performance - http://www.enginelabs.com Corvette - http://www.corvetteonline.com Dirt Track - http://www.onedirt.com

2013 Mustang GT by Ring Brothers SEMA 2012
http://www.youtube.com/user/MustangConnection1 2013 Mustang GT by Ring Brothers at SEMA 2012 was named Switchback as it boasts performance upgrades as well as good looks. Under the hood the 5.0-liter engine received a ProCharger supercharging system with Flowmaster headers, Hose Candy sleeves, Royal Purple fluids and a state of the art Intercooler. In addition to that, the guys have also fitted the car with a Flowmaster 409S dual Exhaust system. These changes have risen the Mustang's output from a stock 430 HP to a whopping 575 HP. They've also fitted the car with a carbon fiber body kit and front splitter, alongside a double piece modular carbon fiber hood with interchangeable insert. Aside from all these, the car has been garnished with a BASF Glasurit 90-Line Waterborne paint and aluminum side vents, plus a full set of mono-piece HRE wheels measuring 20 inches in diameter at the rear and 19 inches at the front, shod in Nitto rubbers sized 315/35R20 respectively 275/35R19. As for the interior, we've only removed the rear seats and added new custom upholstery. Powertrain: ProCharger intercooled Supercharger system Flowmaster AMT GT cat-back 409S dual rear Exhaust system Flowmaster headers Royal Purple fluids Hose Candy sleeves Hurst Shifter Moser Ford 9-inch rear end Heatshield products Driveshaft Shop driveshaft Chassis: HRE Ringbrothers Edition 1-piece wheels (19″ front, 20″ rear) Nitto tires (275/35/19 front, 315/35/20 rear) Exterior: Ringbrothers signature carbon fiber body kit and front splitter Ringbrothers 2-piece modular carbon fiber hood with interchangeable insert Ringbrothers billet aluminum side vents BASF Glasurit 90-line waterborne paint Interior: Ringbrothers rear seats delete kit with spare tire mount Upholstery Unlimited custom-wrapped leather package

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1
http://www.barnfineclassics.com/inventory/1970-ford-Mustang-mach-1 Here's another beautiful Ford Mustang Mach 1! This 1970 is an M code car with a 4V 351 Cleveland V8, and an FMX automatic transmission! The car is equipped with power disc brakes and power steering as well. There's also a limited slip 9 inch rear end and dual Exhaust out back! Other cosmetic options include a shaker hood, front and rear spoilers, and that fantastic shiny red paint! The car has deluxe interior with bucket seats, center console, and a Pioneer stereo system! This Mustang runs, drives, and stops fantastic, and is Washington State collector plated!

1969 Mustang "Anvil" Steve Strope Video Feature V8TV SEMA 2010
http://www.v8tvshow.com - Steve Strope and the crew at Pure Vision teamed up with Anvil Auto to create a very trick 1969 Mustang to showcase Anvil's latest carbon fiber Mustang parts, and to go burn up road race tracks! The car features tons of road race inspired elements, from a widened body to cantilevered suspension. The giant John Kaase Boss 9 521 CID 805 HP motor under the hood makes things happen, and the custom wheels grip the road. This is another PV creation that takes a long time to digest!

134473 / 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/lmoss2f When your goal is to create a world-class pro-touring machine, there can't be any asterisks on its spec sheet. That's why an original G-code 1969 Boss 302 Mustang was selected as the basis for this build, known across the Ford community as "Mr. Nasty". Over $120k was invested in elevating this already stellar performer into a 656hp autocross warrior with a classic aesthetic and a well finished interior. Fully sorted and surprisingly mannered, this a truly remarkable Mustang. While this coupe's classic good looks originated in the mind of automotive designer Larry Shinoda, it was the first class professionals at MASCAR Auto Body in Costa Mesa, CA that worked double time to ensure those looks present better than ever before. A fresh coat of Acapulco Blue two-stage was accented with black stripes while classic Boss visual cues such as a chin spoiler, hood tach, and decklid spoiler complete the aggressive styling. Nothing leaves the MASCAR team underpowered and this Boss is no exception. Between the fenders, a 302 that's been balanced, blueprinted, and stroked to 365ci hosts high-performance hardware like a SCAT crank, Cam Motion mechanical roller cam, a Holley 950cfm carb, and aluminum heads. The engine puts out a Dyno-proven 656hp and 468lb-ft of torque while a Jones Racing Products accessory drive and a Trams Am-style sheet metal intake add some functional style to the mill. Behind the built 302, a Keisler-supplied Tremec TKO600 five-speed utilizes carbon fiber blocking rings for high-rev shifts. From there, power is sent to a Ford 9-inch differential tucked into one of TCP's stout FAB9 housings. The canyon-carving suspension utilizes pieces like Varishock coilovers and a TCP g-Bar four-link, further aided by power rack-and-pinion steering and electrically-assisted Wilwood disc brakes. At the corners, 17-inch Magnum 500-style wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich rubber connect the chassis to the road. Inside this Ford, a comfortable black interior should make any Mustang fan feel right at home. The front buckets are modern pieces while everything stays true to Ford design. All the soft surfaces have been updated by classic elements like the Philco AM/FM stereo remain in place. There are a lot of Boss 302's out there and some are even restored to this level visually but one ride is all it takes to confirm this is a very different kind of Mustang. With its killer Maisano-built 302, Tremec five-speed, and even-keeled suspension, this is a car you can push through the corners all day without feeling out of control. Best of all, you can bring a friend and cruise in all-day comfort. If you want a no-compromises pro-touring Mustang, call, click, or visit http://rkmotorscharlotte.com for more information!

Ring Brothers Razor
Razor 1969 Camaro Sema

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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