Team Losi Aftershock high speed runs

Hi again, i did more tunning on my aftershock after the first video of me running it. It's improving sice i have kepit it in for 4 moths with no use what so ever.

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Brushless Losi Aftershock / LST on 4s
Brushless Aftershock, HobbyKing 120A esc, Tacon 2150 motor, Turnigy 4000mah 4S Lipo, 25/66 gearing using THE DUDES single speed hub. Top speed of 46mph. Losi brushless conversion. Switched some things around for weight distribution. Anything bigger than 4s is uncontrollable.

Team Losi Aftershock
Ok here is my Team Losi Aftershock. I have wait till i did some tunning on it to help it run better. some more tunning is still need but I don't know, you guys be the judge. Everything is completly stock. I already ordered a HT Tuned Pipe for it just yesterday April 3rd, and should get by the end of next week. Over the past few weeks i have done some Nitro RC research and had grown a vast knowledge on how to take care of these Nitro vehicles, if any one has any questions or need support, or even a suggestion please let me know, I would like to give my up most opinion on things, never really bad opinions. Please be lenient in your comments, no criticism. just you straight out views on my aftershock.... THANKS!

Team Losi Aftershock Monster Truck RTR
Team Losi Aftershock Monster Truck RTR w/ .26 & XR2i

Losi Aftershock Limited Edition RC Monster Truck Review
This is my review of my Losi Aftershock LE. This is my first nitro vehicle and don't know that I can go back to electric. Just sharing what I've learned over the past few months that I've had the monster truck.