Ford Capri

Der Capri vor der Vollrestauration

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Ford Capri sound
Ford Capri Eichberg turbo fährt aus der Garage mit geilem Sound

Ford Capri 3.0l 1979
Me driving a 1979 Ford Capri 3 Litre at the West Limerick Vintage Club summer run 2009, VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM

Ford Capri 3.5 V6 Cosworth // Ex- Niki Lauda Monster
Portuguese Hillclimb Racing driver António Nogueira used on selected events a unique unit of the 70´s Ford Endurance Racer. A 500+Hp/9.000Rpm Cosworth V6 powered Capri that was once raced by none other than former Formula 1 Champion Niki Lauda and of which only four units were built in total by Ford in order to be used on the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Enjoy the Mechanical Symphony of this #HillclimbMonster

Family Reunion 2006 (remastered): Chromjuwelen, Motoraver and German Aircult "Burn, Kuhsted-Siedlung, burn". Motoraver Magazine ( and hits the road to visit the VW "aircooled" family "German Aircult" ( The video was filmed by Christian Suhr for Soundtrack by Bitz Core ( turbo A.C.'s (turbonaut (Album: Avenue X); Electric Eel Shock (Rock'n Roll can rescue the World (Album: EES Go Europe)); Boozed (Laserlight (Album: Tight Pants). Januar 2006.