My 2012 Ram 1500 Express

Ram 1500 Express stock Exhaust. It has the 5.7L Hemi.

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2012 dodge ram 1500 Hemi express LOUD
My older brother Josh's new ram!

2011 Ram 1500 Express 4X2 Review
Visit our website at: Stacey David's YouTube Video: The background music titled "El Magicia" is by: Kevin MacLeod Videography and Review by: Lynn David Cole Camera Operator: Christopher Paulon Cole

2009 Dodge Ram Challenge - Episode 1 - P2
All new 2009 Dodge's Ram Challenge Episode 1 - Part 2 Visit: for more information!

2011 Dodge Ram R/T Showdown
2011 Dodge Ram R/T Showdown. The trucks are both stock but the white one has been lowered and is helping transfer weight a little better and hooking more off the line.