B-Series Engine Build

KST Motorwork: B-Series Engine Build

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Inline Four - Intro to Engine Building....iL4 Spec
Here is our first segment on "Introduction to Engine Building...iL4 Spec". At Inline Four, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers such a high caliber quality of work when it comes to building their engine. From a drag race engine, to auto-x, to circuit, sportsman enthusiast, semi-pro or professional, everyone gets the same treatment. We treat each engine as if it was our own. We use the same products and services on our client's engines as we do on our own. By doing this, we are confident and can say with pride, "We give our clients the best!" It's the only way we can ensure that we keep our clients satisfied by exceeding their expectations. Moreover, this will keep our clients who actively race, ahead of their competition and in the winner's circle. For our clients who are "weekend warriors" and drive their vehicles on a daily basis, this ensures maximum performance with maximum reliability. Next time you need your engine inspected, rebuilt, or are looking to put together a complete top-to-bottom race engine, do not hesitate and give us a call. Please sit back, relax and enjoy our video. We look forward to helping you with your next engine build. -Brandon...out! http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/306/ownzw.png

Honda Civic B-series DIY engine degrease
my fellow tuners, on this video I show how I degreased the crap out of my engine. My oil cap managed to come off on its own and oil spit everywhere as I drove around the city not knowing about it for about a week! My disclaimer, This video is simply a demonstration of how I degreased my own engine in a way I have been doing a few times now. I don't like my engine to be too dirty so I try to maintaine it clean as much as possible. I don't do car shows or nothing like that but it's been something I enjoyed doing for a very long time. Remember to read and understand whatever product you use to degrease your own engine. I covered my distributor and alternator but using a large amount of degreaser and water might remove paint and/or make your engine wiring harness, sensors connections and hoses brittle. Cover your intake air filter also. And never spray or wet your engine while it's still Hot. Use any engine degreaser of your choice at your own risk. Do this in a very well ventilated area and be careful if doing this on a smooth ground as it can get real slippery. Do NOT turn your engine on right away and drive on. Give it plenty of time to let engine air dry or you can use clean rags to wipe water away. Always remember safety. Safety glasses because this stuff can splash all over the place and rubber gloves when scrubbing/degreasing your engine. And for my final heads up and notes, I did managed to get water inside my distributor cap (even though I made sure to cover it with plastic and secure with rubber bands) due to a bad seal on it. That same night when I turned my engine on it was idling real rough. The next morning I removed the distributor cap, noticed the water, dried it up inside and put everything back together again. Engine started perfect after that. When you turn engine on, you will notice a lot of white smoke coming out the engine. That's normal as it's burning off whatever is left over from degreaser and/or water. If your engine struggles to turn on or idles rough, turn engine off and start looking at potential wet connecting sensor plugs, any electrical connection, water inside your spark plug tubes or distributor cap and make sure your intake air filter is dry. I like to use air pressure with a long nozzle and properly blow air on these hard to reach wet areas. Everything should be good from there. Now you can enjoy your fresh clean engine! It's going to make you want to paint your valve cover but that's normal too lol. Shout out d-series.org forum Shout out hondashowoff.com forum subscribe to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/rivera078/videos Thanks for watching!

Skunk2 How To: What's in Your Bottom End
Follow along as Skunk2 walks you through a complete engine build. It all starts with understanding what exactly is inside of your engine block. Watch and learn.

Honda Engines- B Series
Honda Vtec/SIR/SIR2/TypeR Engines from 1988-2001 (Music/Video Producer CHECK OUT youtube.com/theundergroundant more videos coming soon!!!