425lb deadlift

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Eric Lilliebridge 411kgs/906lbs Raw Deadlift PR @ 135kgs/298lbs
This was my last heavy Deadlift session for my meet prep towards GPA Worlds. As stated in the video, I had mistakenly used chalk in our chalk box that some how got baby powder spilled in there. So that's why I was having issues with my grip. My strength felt spot on for this training session though which reassured me that my peaking is still going in the right direction towards the meet. Up to this point in my meet prep cycle, my grip hasn't been an issue at all. So I know my grip didn't just get weak all of a sudden. Just need to be more careful with the chalk I use next time at the gym. I also was out of town for a couple days on Friday and Saturday before this training session and I didn't get in good meals and protein shakes like I normally do which is why my body weight was down to 298lbs.

Dirt bike wreck
Hit a tree and then got run over by another bike while riding my CR250 at Croom in Brooksville, FL. Filmed with my Go Pro HD helmet cam

Ronnie Coleman - 2,300 lb leg press
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ZR1 Joy Ride!!!