78 Trans Am w/ Nitrous 403 Olds

test n tune, still working out some bugs music by: Amp Live 'mad man"

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Olds 403 cam run in ready!
11.05:1 CR, iron #7 heads with mirror polished chambers, Exhaust runners and piston tops, running 10% xylene in premium gas, can't hear possible knocking due the noise with open headers. Revs get up and down quite fast, nice.

1979 Trans Am Running
A video of our 1979 Trans Am running down the interstate. http://www.RapidChevrolet.com

Archers Paradox - Short Version
Super slow motion footage of traditional bowshooting. Music by Loreena McKennitt The breaking of the arrow at the end of the video was NOT due to a lack of knowledge on my part !!! IT WAS QUITE DELIBERATE !!! Several different carbon, aluminum and wooden arrows where shot from a 70 lbs Recurve bow ( a custom made KHAN by BORDER ARCHERY ). Draw length - 29. Arrow length - 30" I started out with proper spined arrows and searched the limit ! That exploding arrow was a Port Orford Cedar - Spine 25-30, 100 grain tip and 30 inches long. I was wearing a helmet and a good wrap of leather around my bow hand during the "dangerous" shots. For your own safety, and also for your bow ( it`s akin to dry firing your bow ) please don`t try this at home !!! A lot of knowledge has been passed on through history. No doubt here and I am thankful for that. But I am no fan of dogmas !!! A lot of what has been true back then has been proved wrong. For example : you must put a gap between the shelf and side plate for the feather to pass through - you can not shoot vanes off the shelf - LW for RH shooter & RW for lefties and on and on and on .... Maybe it helps to prove some old dogmas wrong and helps some beginners to start with proper equipment to enjoy the fun of archery for a long time whether it be bow hunting or target shooting. And don`t forget that the most important factor is to get the correctly spined arrow for your set up. Special thanks to the man behind the camera ... Heinz Hoffman Idea, Concept by Yononindo

"How To" Replace a Temperature Sending Unit 403 Oldsmobile 77-79 Trans Am
This short video shows how to replace the intake manifold mounted temperature sending unit on a 1977 - 1979 Trans Am or Firebird with the factory Oldsmobile 403 engine.