my 1984 camaro z28 305 h.o 5 speed burnout My 1984 Camaro small burnout 3/4 throttle because if i floor it the clutch slips needs a new one... its a 305 H.O 5 speed 40000 origanal miles ive had it sence it was ten and am going to keep it and restore it. iv had it 7 years now been a real good car. last time out before it went in garage for winter and im gunna put in new clutch

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1984 Camaro Z28 Takeoff

Third gen fest 2012, camaros and firebirds burnouts. video 1

305 HO Malibu Races Dodge Neon SRT4, and MazdaSpeed 6
late 70s Malibu with 305 HO vs SRT4 and MS6. Srt4 is stage 1.5 and takes the malibu. MS6 launches on the malibu, but gets caught up. :)

1984 Camaro Z28 vs 1996 Mustang GT
1984 Camaro Z28 vs 1996 Mustang GT........ my Camaro has a 91 350ci holley 650 double pump HP,MSD pro billet,6a box , full length header, 2500 stall,3:73 gears and M/T drag tires....... Mustang has 75