VZ Clubby with Cam done by Russo Performance

VZ Clubsport with Comp Cam, Twin 3" Exhaust, Extractors, 3" Hi-Flow Cats, 25% Under driven belt pulley kit, OTR Air Intake, Tune, XTreme HD Clutch, Making 300RWKW. All work done by Russo Performance

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232/234 CHE cammed VY R8
300kw HSVBOS

(508)-507-2209 video playlist Illegal street racing in a holden VF GTS, zipping in and out of traffic at high speeds, driver then races an evo and a skyline. Video is hectic! but ofcourse... ;) (Educational purposes, how not to drive on our roads. non the less enjoy). ► Help me reach 3K subscribers HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON ► DAILY, Gaming and street racing videos! ► YouTube sponsor/Partner: MACHINIMA PARTNER ► What do I use to make videos? Microphone: SNOWBALL USB MICROPHONE from ebay Mouse: STEEL SERIES RIVAL 300 BLACK Keyboard: e-blue auroza professional gaming keyboard Monitor: BENQ 22 INCH street racing melbourne VF GTS racing skyline VF GTS racing evo illegal street racing underground street racing scene -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "CS:GO - Matchmaking highlights #1 with Pixzuuhl (2017 CSGO)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sml5746Bowk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Cammed 2003 VY Clubsport
A1R4C1 - 348kw- manual - super street cam - 3" stainless steel xforce Exhaust

Supercharged 427 VZ Clubsport
Steves VZ Clubsport running a built 427 with LS7 block, ETp LS7 cylinder heads, Calliies crank, ross pistons, Jessel rockers and so on, set up with a low Boost T Trim intercooled combo for low octane fuel and road duties. Has full twin Exhaust with twin tips out both sides and custom tank to make that possible. Lots more very cool car. All work by Mark @ Marks Workshop http://www.marksworkshop.com.au/ SOME OF THE CARS ON THESE YOUTUBE VIDEOS ARE SHOWN IN A FORM BEYOND THE STREET LEGAL LIMITS FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA. THESE CARS ARE USED FOR SHOW, TRACK OR OTHER OFF ROAD EVENTS. IN MOST CASES THESE CARS ARE TAKEN BACK TO STREET LEGAL LEVELS TO BE ABLE TO USE THE VEHICLE LEGALLY ON THE ROADS OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. MARKS WORKSHOP DOES NOT CONDONE THE USE OF EXTREME HORSE POWER ON THE STREET. DRIVE RESPONSIBLY DRIVE SAFE www.marksworkshop.com.au 20 Maxwell street YORK W.A. ph 08 96412 305