Saturn ION 2.2L Supercharged Exhaust Clip

A sample clip of my Exhaust + a lil Supercharger whine

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2.2L Supercharged Ion Sedan
Vid of my supercharged 2.2L Ion sedan. Ignore the couple of bounces off the rev limiter. I hadn't adjusted my shift light for my new redline and it was throwing me off lol.

06 saturn ion 2.2 procharged
06_ion2's saturn ion 2.2 procharged

Saturn Ion Exhaust
2003 Saturn Ion First two shots are w/o a pipe Last one is with a Tsudo Exhaust :: ::

2004 Saturn Ion Straight Pipe With Magnaflow Exhaust
This is my 2004 saturn ion 2.2L eco-tec i think it sounds really nice with the 2.25" piping from the manifold to the catylic converter then straight pipe from where the res use to be. then to top it all off a magnaflow with a hideaway tip.