Chris Smallwood, Acura RSX

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My Turbo DC5 (RSX-S)
just a video of my RSX-S and my friend's Supra. I do not encourage anyone to hit 160mph. Race at your own risk and be safe. thanks for watching.

GT Motoring RSX at GingerMan
Unfortunately, my battery died before I could record more, especially seeing as how I was timed consistently in the 1:34-lap range and even had one lap at 1:32.9...not bad for a FWD RSX on street tires. :) The track seems to get bumpier every year here, too. Still a very fun and challenging track. Not a lot of places to go really fast, but there's a ton of places where you can easily lose tons of time. Sorry for the super-long time in the paddock...I just got this camera and don't have a program to edit .MOV files yet.

FUN DRIVE K20A FROM GAMBANG TO KUALA LUMPUR ON 2 MAR 2014. Pls ensure your volume turn in on for v tec sound

Forza Motorsport 4 | Personal Projects - Acura RSX / Honda Integra
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