Spread-Bore Carbutetor Performance Upgrade Options

Holley offers various options to replace your square-bore (Quadrajet) carburetor for a Holley spread-bore carburetor. You can also perform a spread-bore to square-bore swap.

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Carburetor Spacer
Are your secondaries opening all the way? You sure? look again.. especially if your running a spacer...When running a carb spacer or an adapter the first thing you should do is chuck the carb gasket they give you in the kit...

Edelbrock Carburetors - Installation_PT1.mov
Everything you need to know to install you new Edelbrock Carburetor from proper gaskets, to fuel line connections to adapters.

650 spreadbore Holley carb.
This is a Holley spreadbore double pumper carb that is being tested on a running engine. Tis was filmed on an ipad2.

Holley spreadbore carb
This is a Holley vacuum secondary Cary carb that is being tested n a running engine. This was filmed on an ipad2.. www.carburetorsandmore.com