Golden Holden Gemini Vs HQ, Co-Driver Race Start, November 2008

Start of the Golden Holden Gemini Vs HQ Co-Driver Race

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Jamie Furness, Race 1, Round 1, 2009 PART 2, HQ racing, Morgan Park, Warwick, Qld
in car with Jamie Furness, @ Morgan Park Qld.

In car with Dion Cidoni Qld Raceway, Jul 5-6, 2008, Race 3
In car with Dion Cidoni at Qld Raceway in the HQ vs Gemini round, Jul 5-6, 2008, Race 3

Holden Gemini "Ninja" G161z twin webers on a race track
smashing it at the track in the gemini

Golden 1 hour, incar with Ben Simpson Part 3 November 2008
Incar footage from "Barefoot Benny" Simpson & Brad Schomberg in the Golden Holden 1 hour race. Part 2