Golden Holden Gemini Vs HQ, Co-Driver Race Start, November 2008

Start of the Golden Holden Gemini Vs HQ Co-Driver Race

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1984 HOLDEN GEMINI RACE SERIES R4 Surfers Paradise Holden Geminis racing at Lakeside, Queensland, in Round 4 of the 1984 Gemini Series. Drivers include David Cunningham, Terry Skene and Terry Quartly. Commentated by Will Hagon and John Smailes. All credit to ABC TV, Australia. Motor racing is an international language.

Holden/Isuzu Gemini time lapse rebuild.avi
This is a buildup/repaint of a tired holden Gemini sedan , getting a makeover , over roughly 15 days of recording on and off.

Holden Gemini skid burnout drift donuts
Stock Standard! Except for the lsd and wheels

Holden Gemini Club Roll out
Gemini club, Western Australia