Nascar Lexus Ls400

My 92 Lexus Nascar LS400,..just a lil quick video I made of the Lexus Nascar b4 I paint it and finish it up wit official stickers,flags,rims&tires, etc. etc. the whole 9. Inspired by the ''Legend'' Dale Earnhardt Sr. #3. 7 time champion R.I.P. the best there ever was. I love cars,I love race cars,or any fast car :),so wit that in mind,I planned for that to be the theme of my car,a Race Car,(regardless of wat make,model,year the car was),my favorite number is 3,im the 3rd,and the number 3,which just happens to be the Greatest Nascar Driver In The World,so I said hey,why not....''1992 Lexus LS400 Dale Earnhardt Edition'' its still a work in progress and im no where near finish,...lets do, R.I.P Dale Sr.

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Lexus LS400 drag racing 3

Lexus LS400 with a W58 5 speed M/T swap
www.DaftInnovations,com,, Rich from Daft Innovations makes the first driving 5spd Lexus LS400 known to date.

LS400 in the 808
sampling sounds at the park and showing the rims the drop and the boom boom, one sundown 3500, two Digital designs 9510s (believe it or not) under powered, two red tops, volk racing rims and a 1.5 inch drop... so far, so good...

2018 Lexus LS 500 vs Mercedes S500
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