Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt - Piano version Clip [Official]

Official music video by Rammstein in piano version released on 7th of October 2012 © Rammstein 2012 Copyright owner is the UMG. Here is the explicit version clip: http://youtu.be/QLXxsXfSde0 This is the official video clip of the piano version of Mein Herz Brennt from the Rammstein, one of my favourite band. I'm not own this video I'd like just to share this fantastic performance with everybody. Performed by Till Lindemann You can see it in HD on the official site of the group: http://www.rammstein.de

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Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt (Strange Cover)
Strange Rammstein cover

Rammstein-Mein Herz Brennt (Subtitulado en Español) Video Official HD
Canción que habla sobre el miedo a la noche y sobre las pesadillas. Las primeras estrofas vienen del programa para niños Das Sandmännchen (El hombrecito del saco en España, El Arenerito en Latinoamérica). Esta canción ha sido usada en varias películas y programas de televisión. Nombre del proyecto: Sandmann (El hombre del saco). Creditos para el canal Kirzz Razov...

Rammstein - Mein Herz brennt (Live at Download Festival UK 2016)
► Website: http://www.rammstein.com ► Shop: http://shop.rammstein.de Biography: Rammstein were formed in 1993 by an assembly of factory-weary proletarians raised in East Germany. They took their name (adding an "m") from the location of a German tragedy where 80 people were hurt and killed as the result of a crash during an American Air Force flight show. (The literal translation of "ram stein" is a battering ram made of stone.) Word of Rammstein's horror/romanticist blend of theater and music -- one-time Olympic swimmer Till Lindemann would sing entire songs engulfed in flame from head to toe -- spread quickly. The band's first album, Herzeleid (Heartache), built on the grounds created by the band's live reputation. Scaling the German charts (and remaining there until the release of the second Rammstein LP some two years later), the album also introduced the band to the world outside of the Germany/Switzerland/Austria region. As Rammstein's second album, Sehnsucht (Longing), was released, the band was headlining throughout Europe to crowds of 10,000 to 30,000 people. Sehnsucht entered the German charts at number one immediately upon its release and came very close to doing the same in Austria and Switzerland. Within weeks, entries on other countries' charts had Sehnsucht rubbing elbows with the Prodigy, Radiohead, and the Rolling Stones on Billboard's cumulative Eurochart. From there the fever spread, transcending any perceived language barrier. Mutter followed in 2001, Reise, Reise in 2004, and the live collection Volkerball in 2006. Liebe Ist fur Alle Da followed in 2009. A limited edition of the album was packed in a metal suitcase that also housed six sex toys, one for each member of the band. ~ Ed Nimmervoll, Rovi

Rammstein "Mein Herz Brennt" English Lyrics HD
The original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXv31OmnKqQ Rammstein deliver amazing performances all over the world, but one thing doesn't change and that is the language, german. I did this so that the part of their audience that does not speak german can enjoy, understand and interpret what Til is singing about. If you like this and have suggestions for more tracks that should be translated, please comment. This song is about childhood nightmares. It makes reference to an old German childrens TV show named Der Sandmann. It was used as the introductory and the final song to the movie Lilja 4-ever. No copyright infringement intended.