LSx Turbo Ford Fairmont Build Video #1 (Control Arms)

Here is the first video of the LSx turbo Ford Fairmont, today we prep the tubular control arms to go in.

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LSx Turbo Ford Fairmont Build Video #2 (Arms are on)
In the video, the tubular control arms are on and ready to go.

LSx Turbo Ford Fairmont Build Video #3 (Brakes Installed)
Sorry for the shakiness, just got the new camera - getting used to it. In the video, the Cobra Brakes are on and ready to rock.

LSx Turbo Ford Fairmont Build Video #4 (Balancer Removal)
I know, I know. Its a full video simply dedicated to the removal of the balancer / crank pulley. Maybe it can be used as a reference for fellow LSx minded people. The tool was rented from Advance Auto Parts, it was $106 to rent. All of the money was refunded when the tool was returned. I used a 15/16" 6pt Impact Socket on the balancer/pulley bolt. We had to torch it because it was not playing nice.

LSx Turbo mustang build update.
LSx turbo Mustang build update. Showing the new parts. shortened Moser m9 housing, gun drilled star flang 40 spline shortened axles, Transmission specialties turbo 400, Transmission specialties 5500rpm drag converter, 102mm Holley Hi-ram intake manifold, Fast 102mm throttle body, Holley fuel rails, AJE Racing Tubular K member, AJE Tubular A arms, Flaming river manual steering rack, Weld Magnum 2.0 front wheels, Weld magnum rear wheels, Willwood drag disc brakes. Meizer LS electric water pump. More to come.