LSx Turbo Ford Fairmont Build Video #1 (Control Arms)

Here is the first video of the LSx turbo Ford Fairmont, today we prep the tubular control arms to go in.

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LSx Turbo Ford Fairmont Build Video #2 (Arms are on)
In the video, the tubular control arms are on and ready to go.

BMW M3 with LS swap
talk about an identity crisis. this thing was a monster though, sounded absolutely insane, and the last thing you'd expect from a beamer, especially since how awesome their stock engines are.

Pontiac Bonneville SSEI Valve Cover Gasket - iPhone Dock Doesn't Work!
Working on the Bonneville. leaky valve cover gasket but need tunes to work. The dock didn't turn on. It didn't have batteries in it, he said it did. LOL

1981 fairmont wagon LS swap
81 Fairmont wagon, 5.3 junkyard LS