Talon Dyno Evo3 16g 16-18psi Run 2

Dyno day at Beyond Redline 5-16-2009 286.2awhp/276.4awtq @ 16-18psi on Evo3 16g

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Joe's English Racing Built 640whp E85 Eclipse
For some reason the H264 format has some problems on You Tube I find if you play in the HD720 they play right but the 360P is glitchy and has bad sound.

MONSTER TURBO 1200hp 1G Eagle Talon
One of the craziest AWD builds we've seen yet showed up at Street Car Takeover OKC and put on a show! Making it all the way to the finals, even while down on power, Darren Thomas made some badass passes in this 1G DESM, as deep as the 5.60's range in the 1/8 and the car typically is in the 5.40 E/T's. This car is no joke! We hope to see it back out again once the car is all sorted out!

Talon AWD TSI 10.8@125 EVOIII 16G Automatic E85
TJ 1992 Talon TSI Stock Automatic 10.8@125. With interior and street tires. We think to be the worlds fastest AWD AUTO 16g car.

( Hellaflush )1998 Eclipse Spyder Walk Around ( 18 x 8.5 / 18 x 9.5 )
Just showing a update of the car and the new wheels 18.8.5 - 18.9.5 rear - 265 rear tire