goodtimes4x4 drag races sept 13th 2009-2001 nissan pathfinder V6 vs. ford bronco V8

2001 nissan patrhfinder racing V8 ford bronco

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Ford Edge Vs Nissan Pathfinder #1 From Saudi Arabia Nissan Pathfinder دبة وسطية by GRRAF

nissan pathfinder vs jeep cherokee

Drag racing in a Nissan Pathfinder
Charley Boorman and his friend Russ Malkin meet each other at a red light. The challenge is ON!

Nissan Pathfinder and Maxima (commercial, 1998)
Nissan combined ad for the Pathfinder and Maxima shows an impromptu race through the countryside between the car and the truck. The Maxima employs its powerful 190HP V6 (actually rather powerful for the time) to zip up the road while the Pathfinder uses its 4WD and off-road capability to cut through a nearby section of stream to get ahead of the Maxima. In the end, Nissan says they're both good vehicles and by the way you can get $2000 back if you buy either one or any new Nissan. The background is unidentified flamenco music. This 30 second spot aired during an SF Giants game in 1998.