goodtimes4x4 drag races sept 13th 2009-2001 nissan pathfinder V6 vs. ford bronco V8

2001 nissan patrhfinder racing V8 ford bronco

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funny..pathfinder vs bronco
pathfinder tire un bronco

Nissan pathfinder 2001 burnout
Lower river road burnout, nissan pathfinder 2001 v6 3.0 lt

Super Pathfinder!
Carl Merritt takes Nissan Sport Magazine's Project Pathfinder to Stillen in Costa Mesa CA to be fitted with their latest Supercharger. March 2007.

Drag Racing the V8 Pathfinder at Sears Point...
Just a quick little GoPro video from hitting the Wednesday Night Drags today at Sears Point with my kids in the Pathfinder.