2000 mustang gt mark viii swapped /5speed swapped

My 2000 Mustang gt DOHC teksid swapped and 5 speed swapped still running the SOHC / automatic computer and harness. Has a slight misfire.

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Mustang Gt Engine Swap Lincoln Mark VIII 8
I decided to start this project in September 2015 after my passenger head gasket went bad in my SOHC motor. Swap was fairly easy but challenging as some of the parts are hard to get/find or just simply I had to improvise and make them work. The engine I got was from a 98 mark 8 LS, it only had 65k miles on it and it was running perfect. I got it out of state so I had to spend extra $$ in shipping. The total for the engine shipped was $900. Cobra Upper/Lower intake plus BBK 65mm TB and everything else you will see in the box (in the picture) from the video was $400 shipped. Long tubes were $220 shipped. Thermostat housing was $55. Cobra TB cable was $60. Email Tune was $280. and in miscellaneous probably $100. Now it might seem like a lot of money but if you still have the old engine and decide to sell it in parts you can make whatever you will spend for the swap back, I sold all the mark stuff I took off plus the GT engine in parts and I was able to make around $500 profit. The pictures on the video are manly the most important things you will need to make the swap happen, it is straight forward and all the parts from your GT will hook right in. If you have any question don't hesitate to contact me or leave a comment. Mustang crank shaft sensor https://goo.gl/kxBN2q Mustang cam Shaft sensor https://goo.gl/HvE3AY

Lincoln Mark VIII Cobra Intake Polishing & Swap
I think from start to finish that the journey may have taken about eight months. After nearly giving my entire lifeforce to polishing the intake, the install took me about five days. But the performance difference in combination with the Kook's headers, full 2 1/2" Exhaust with Magnaflow components and 3.73 rearend has changed the game!

1996 Mustang GT with Mark VIII 4V engine 0-60MPH
96 GT that I swapped a 97 Mark VIII engine in to. Short throw shifter, ported Cobra manifolds, King Cobra clutch, 3.27 gears. Traction is hard to come by with this car, I spun badly on the first try, then stopped, then started back up again. My shifting is SLOW, I am working on getting better. This is also on the stock GT tune.

300c srt8 vs mustang mark8 swapped
First run: dig full 1/4 mile, Ford FTW Second run: 45mph roll, Mustang late shifts 3rd, Srt8 FTW,