BMW S1000RR Chris Teach McNeil Drifting and Stunting 2010

Visit for all stuntriding info! - Chris McNeil stunts his new BMW s1000rr superbike on the first day he picks it up. The s1000rr is touted as one of the best literbikes to ever be produced. Watch Chris do some wheelies, stoppies, burnouts and drifts on this motorcycle. This is the proper way to break in a bmw s1000rr! - look through comments for song name

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Teach on the BMW S1000RR
BMW S1000RR stunting

Sportbike water wheelie
Water wheelie on sportbike

Insane Trials Motorcycle Stunts
It's difficult to jump over rocks with a trials motorcycle. It's even more diffucult to jump over a human head without crushing it. Check out these insane trials motorcycle stunts. These guys put on a great motorcycle stunt show, and no one was seriously injured. Motorcycle Trials, which is also called Observed Trials is a non-speed competition on special lightweight motorcycles built for jumping and climbing. To win a trials motorcycle competition, you have to navigate an obstacle course on your trials motorcycle without touching the ground with your feet. Motorcycle trials competition is very popular in Spain and the United Kingdom. Specialized Trials Motorcycle manufacturers are Gas Gas, Montesa, Honda, Beta, Sherco, and Scorpa.

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