Track Racing In Japan

Track Racing In Japan - Integra Type R - SUBARU Impreza - Mitsubishi FTO - Honda Civic Type R

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Honda Integra R DC2 - Kumho Tyres
Session 7- Track day at Castle Combe Circuit 16/7/08, onboard JDM DC2 Honda Integra equipped with Kumho V70A tyres, car running great but suffering from serious brake judder.

AE86 Race N2 Class Okayama Circuit 2008
AE86 Race N2 Class Okayama Circuit 2008

Honda vtec race japan
Honda vtec DOHC japanese race championship

Integra Type-R VS Skyline GTS-T
My buddy and I were rolling around Tokyo/Yokohama area looking for a race. This was our first race of the night. The guys in the Skyline followed us and wanted to see what was in the Integra. We stopped at Haneda for some maintenance and chat, then got haggled by the cops.