1987 Trans Am First Start Up

This is my 87 Trans Am. It came with the boatanchor 305 v8 but I acquired a 350. The 350 is bored .030 over and has forged pistons. The heads are stock LO5 truck heads but I have a LT1 cam in it. All the TPI hardware is from the 305 including the injectors AND computer. I put a thick washer in the fuel pressure regulator to increase the fuel pressure to supply more fuel for the 355. This is the first start up. Timing and tunning haven't been dialed in yet. Open headers for now baby!

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1987 Trans Am 355ci TPI first drive...
This is a short vid of my 87 Trans Am after I finally got the engine running right. Before it would not idle but I figured out I had the valve spring rocker arms tightened too tight. It is a 355ci small block chevy with crappy truck heads along with a LT1 cam and a Tuned Port Injection intake manifold. Exhaust is Flowmaster, but I do not know what series. When the car is near the phone/camera, you can hear the loud hissing coming from the engine sucking in all that air! This is the first drive since I removed the 305 so I am still getting used to the pedal with power! The smoke is from the injectors running a bit rich since I had the fuel pressure turned up a bit high. This is also a good vid to see my sequential tailights!

DIY Home Made Nitrous Remote Bottle Opener Mark1 (Video 1)
Here is the remote bottle opener I made from a headlight motor of an 80's Firebird. The whole project from headlight motor at junkyard to the window switch (from the same car) to the nuts and bolts cost cost about $15 total. After a short "trial run", decided to bolt L-brackets to the plate and just use a hose clamp to secure it to the nozzle itself. Now it does not wiggle back and forth like it used to and is much more secure. The video is of me opening the bottle remotely, purging, and closing the bottle, then purging the remaining content in the line...I wanted to see if it could be done since I didn't want to pay NOS or ZEX $300... Here is a write up on how I made it http://www.thirdgen.org/techboard/fabrication/510113-diy-home-made-Nitrous.html

1987 trans am- 350Ws6 w/305 fully worked heads. Over10:1 compression

DIY Remote Nitrous Bottle Opener Automatic Switch
Here is the switch I wired up for the remote bottle opener. I flip the switch and the bottle opens, I flip off the switch and the bottle closes... It is better than the previous switch where I had a window switch (as in, to roll up and down windows). I'd have to press and kept press the roll up button to open the bottle and the roll down button to close the bottle. Although its not much hassle to sit there and press a button, I thought those 10 seconds of pressing buttons can be put to better use in a RACE...like SHIFTING or something more productive. Originally, I was going to use a window roll up module (for alarms) that I had lying around. I wired it up clicked it...and no success... I tried using 4 relays to make my own module... no success. I was about to give up when it hit me. I am using a headlight motor of a Firebird, so why not use the same headlight motor module from the same 'bird... So I did. I used a relay with both NC and NO outputs and I have this toggle switch controlling that relay...that controls the headlight motor module... I don't know what Zex or Nos use but I'm pretty happy with this one...