woolworths 1980 australian tv ad

From the years when we were introduced to "Woolies," this classic supermarket retail ad from the early 80's. If only the prices were still that cheap!

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Hilariously Funny 1980's Coles Supermarket TV Advertisement
This TV Advertisement was aired in 1986 in Australia for "Coles Supermarkets"

Australian Government ad for Decimal Currency 1966
TV advertisment to introduce decimal currency into australia in 1966. Produced by Australian Commonwealth Film Unit at Artransa Park Television PTY. LTD

Woolworths (Australian ad) 1979
Woolworths supermarket commercial from 1979 transferred from Philips VCR LP tape.

Australian Tv ads in the 1980's No 1
I will start uploading my vast collect of Australian Tv ads that I recorded on my first VHS recorder using Kodak 240min tapes from 1981 to approx 1988, most of these ads you'll see will be mainly from the early to mid 80's. The ads are from free to air channels based in Melbourne, Vic, Australia. Sorry if the quality is poor with some of these clips because I had to reduce the quality to help speed up the uploading process. Please check back for a regular basis for new uploads. I also have a vast collection of Australian tv ads from the 90's but it'll be a while until I find the time to upload these. Hope you enjoy.....