woolworths 1980 australian tv ad

From the years when we were introduced to "Woolies," this classic supermarket retail ad from the early 80's. If only the prices were still that cheap!

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Woolworths (Australian ad) 1979
Woolworths supermarket commercial from 1979 transferred from Philips VCR LP tape.

Woolworths Clocking Out 2009
A sad farewell to Woolworths - clocking out at least for now after 99 years on 5 January 2009. The film features pictures of the original F. W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd. 3D and 6D Stores in Church Street, Liverpool in November 1909 and many pictures and video clips of the stores and people down the years as well as the CEO, Wooly and Worth and a Grandfather's Clock. If you love Woolies, this one may make you cry. The filmmaker (one of the fallen) makes a cameo appearance, if you can spot him.

Coles Ad 1984
Coles New World Ad 1984

Woolworths 2010 Ad
Woolworths 2010 Ad