1978 Peterbilt 359 started up after 8 years of sitting

My old Peterbilt had been sitting for 8 years. We thought we had better fire it up before any more time went by, so we primed the fuel lines with fuel and rounded up four old car batteries, gave the glow plugs 20 seconds to warm things up - - - and she fired right up - - this is Part 1 - - first firing after 8 years. It is a Cat 3406-A engine

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'56 White 9000TD: First Start in 18 Years
It took my brother, my dad, and myself the better part of a day to get everything tuned up and repaired so that we could fire up my 1956 White 9000TD for the first time in 18 years. It only took two sniffs of ether (one for each start up) to get it running. We ran it for almost an hour while checking over everything, starting and stopping it to see how it started on diesel only, to fill the oil system back up, and to check out the hydraulics (no clutch yet, started it up with the hydraulics in gear).

Old Start Freightliner Cummins Turbo Diesel Dumptruck Sat 4 Years
So heres the video everyone wanted to see. So last time a year ago why it didn't start is the battery for the injection pump was dead so we got the battery from the brown ford in there started like a champ runs great. Just needs some things here and there from sitting But I knew it would start its a cummins Diesel!! it should! Follow me on twitter https://www.twitter.com/thunderbolt1003 Follow me on Vidme https://vid.me/Davidsfarm

86 359 peterbilt finally starting after 6 years
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