Jeep Srt8 with nitrous

Heres me at the track... wasnt a good night for the Jeep. I was running high 7s. Anyway--- I am a Paraplegic and still have my handicap sign hanging on my mirror. If you listen closely you can hear a lady talking junk, saying Im racing in my grandmas car. Haha funny when my friends kid set her straight saying thats his car and hes paralyzed. Can you say open mouth insert foot. Listen to the sound change in her voice when she begins to eat her own words.

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11.35 @ 120mph JEEP SRT-8 Nitrous, STOCK ENGINE, LOT OF Nitrous.

MSHS - Builder Bills almost 7 Second SRT8 Jeep
Big Al G driving the Paramount Performance Twin turbo SRT8 Jeep shooting for that 7 second time slip. As usual Virginia Motorsports Parks track prep was top notch, Bill and Al will get that slip! From Builder Bill about this weekend "Our quest for the 7's in the Paramount Jeep. We were running a string of 8.24's at 166 mph Then....... I flipped the switch on our NEW PRODUCT: PARAMOUNT TH400 LOCKUP TRANS W/LOCKUP CONVERTER I locked it at 1400 rpm driveshaft & WOT. Had ZERO idea if it would work in real conditions,....WOW Changed our drop back shift rpm from 600 to 1300 rpm Changed the rpm spread at the end of the track from 1100 rpm to less than 100 rpm. This all in the 4200 lb. beast:) Unbelievable successful test in front of all the participants at the MSHS spring VMP race that we won. Thanks to all involved: Viper Dan for getting the beast ready BigAl G for his talented driving once again Rollbar from AGP for crewing and getting it down the track. Chris Seidle for building a 419 Gen III Hemi that hold our power Reid racing who provides our off road TH400 cases Coan Racing who provides some great TH400 hard parts Frank at the driveshaft shop for his superior Carbon Fiber driveshafts that more and more of the Paramount customers are switching to. Wife Mary that puts up with this crazyness:)"

MOVIE: Srt8 nitrous Jeep Cherokee 1SIKAWD drag racing Edgewater 7 MOVIE: Srt8 Nitrous Jeep Cherokee Hemi "1SIKAWD" drag racing from Thursday Night Lightz event at Edgewater drag strip summer 2011. Check out my channel for more videos of this badass machine racing:

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Launch Control Compilation.
Our Twitter Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Launch Control Compilation By Cars Compilations. In this video, I have gathered the most popular videos with Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2014,2013.2010. In this video you will see:Nice Exhaust sounds with Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8,nice drift moments,perfect launch control.Subscribe and press Like please ,guys :)