Heater Core Replacement - '69 Cougar

In this episode, we tackle one of the most dreaded jobs for classic car owners: replacing the heater core. On a classic Cougar or Mustang with air conditioning, it's a very involved process. In this case, we use a 1969 Mercury Cougar 428 CJ convertible as a guinea pig. Don walks through how to remove the dash pad and lower dash panel, and how to remove and service the heater box plenum and blower motor assembly. Along the way, he offers several tips on other jobs you should consider tackling while you're in the process. This is a job that we actually recommend you attempt yourself, rather than taking your car to a shop. Not only will you save money, but you will probably be a lot more careful than the average mechanic, and will avoid breaking expensive / irreplaceable parts. The fiberglass heater box itself is very fragile and valuable, and most of the plastic clips for the wiring harness are not reproduced. Most of the parts mentioned in this video can be found in the A/C and Heat sections on our website: http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/airco.html

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Présentation de la cougar '67 du paternel. Au moment ou la vidéo à été tournée, elle n'était pas encore à lui donc anciennes plaques etc... Set-up: Mercury Cougar 289ci Jamaican Yellow 2x 4-1 Ford Racing Headers Ford racing Air Cleaner 4 barrels Edelbrock Carb Full inox Exhaust Unknows coilovers... What's in the video: Exhaust sound Sequential taillights (looks damn good) Opening headlights

Episode 110 Mustang and Cougar Heater box assembly and detail tips Autorestomod
This week we show that bead blasting can be an effective way to remove old paint from the heater case on your classic or muscle car. We also use commonly available paints to detail out our case. We also show how to refinish the case and give tips on installation of the seals. We also show you that things can go terribly wrong—if the case has the wrong parts in it. Though we are using a 1965-70 Mustang case, all of the tips can apply to any classic car heater box. Thanks for watching! Sponsor: http://www.nationalpartsdepot.com

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We dive into a cowl tank replacement on a ’67 Mustang using parts from National Parts Depot and the skill of Mustang Central’s Gary Jackson. Home page: http://www.autorestomod.com/ Rate, ask questions, we are very good about responding! Thanks for watching! Jeff Ford Contact: Jford@autorestomod.com Sponsor: http://www.nationalpartsdepot.com Parts: http://www.nationalpartsdepot.com ’65-’66 Mustang Grille Panel Cowl Vent Upper And Lower 02010-1A ’65-’68 Mustang Grille Panel Cowl Vent Lower 02011-2A ’67-’68 Mustang Grille Panel Cowl Vent Upper 02010-2A ’65-’68 Mustang Cowl Patch Partial Inner Canadian Made Left: 136-1LH Right: 136-1RH ’67-’68 Mustang Rear Fender Apron Extension Left: 227-2ALH / Right: 227-2ARH ’65-’66 Mustang Rear Fender Apron Extension Left: 127-2ALH / Right: 127-2ARH Tools: 110 volt MIG Locking C Clamps (at least 10) 32 inch pointed pry bar (2) Sheet metal screws Drill Standard tool set

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