74 road runner 512 stroker build

1974 road runner 400-512 stroker kit stealth heads comp cam

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rj's roadrunner
My brand new used car. The interspersed pictures show its conditional upon arrival through some body work. Sorry for the Terminal Leave soundtrack. I initially had this backed by a selection of 70's mullet rock classics but YouTube didn't like it. Actually, I suppose it was the copyright holders of the songs that didn't like it - but that's only because they didn't see it

1974 Roadrunner at Idle....
340 Automatic...

The Fix (1984 movie) Car Chase Scene - 1974 Plymouth Road Runner
Awesome car contraption to escape pursuit: 1974 Plymouth Road Runner. The Fix was the last film made by director Will Zens which means that his earlier movies must have been total pieces of shit!!! The Fix boasts a really crappy country band, extremely lame car and boat chases, lousy action, worthless jokes, dog excrement for a script, and nothing good what so ever!! The Fix does have its educational points however, such as- hicks in small towns love to do coke, small town hicks traffic a lot of coke, and car chases look better if the director fast forwards them

1974 roadrunner PROJECT
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