74 road runner 512 stroker build

1974 road runner 400-512 stroker kit stealth heads comp cam

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The Dukes of Hazzard: Bo destroys Daisy's car
From the 2nd season Dukes of Hazzard episode, "The Runaway." This is the last ride for Daisy's car, shown here as a 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner. (a 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner was used in Season 1.) Sharp-eyed fans have wondered what the heck pops up in the back seat of the car as it's heading over the cliff. Probably a camera. All that aside, it's a great scene, though a tragic loss of a fine muscle car. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardCounty

94 camaro hot cam
ust got a 94 Camaro lt1 6sp with a hot cam

1974 Roadrunner at Idle....
340 Automatic...

rj's roadrunner
My brand new used car. The interspersed pictures show its conditional upon arrival through some body work. Sorry for the Terminal Leave soundtrack. I initially had this backed by a selection of 70's mullet rock classics but YouTube didn't like it. Actually, I suppose it was the copyright holders of the songs that didn't like it - but that's only because they didn't see it