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And one DSM.

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Last Nights Races
Challenger vs 300zx Challenger vs SRT4 Challenger vs Mustang GT Eclipse vs turbo GSR Cobra vs c10 Eclipse vs c10

My 5.0 (5 Speed) Vs My 5.0 (auto)
Mustang wins

90 Ford Mustang Turbo 10.39 Stock Block/Cam GT40 Heads/Intake 5 Speed
Heres an end of the year grudge nite hit for me. The black GT with a stock short block & Cam w/ GT40 Junkyard heads & Intake (no porting). 70mm Modified On3 kit. Runs 10.38 @ 134. Made an earlier hit and ran 10.33 but no vid. Has 10.20's in it with a tad better track. Didn't get good 60's like I would on race day Saturdays. Makes well over 500 to wheels. Full interior, licensed and insured. Drive it 3000 miles a year during good weather. 15#s of Boost and 18 degrees of timing. Race fuel at track. Pump gas on street. Same tune.

GT40X Heads/Cammed Mustang LX
1991 Ford Mustang LX (5-speed) -Holley Systemax II Intake, Anderson Cold Air Intake, Ford Racing GT40X Heads, MSD 6AL Ignition Box, Unknown Cam??