V8 Crew Racing

And one DSM.

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My 5.0 (5 Speed) Vs My 5.0 (auto)
Mustang wins

Tweaker gets thrown out of Hometown Buffet
This guy started freaking out cussing at the employees of Hometown. Then he was asked to leave but refused. Not a single fuck was given that day. The tweaker drove a Honda!

Last Nights Races
Challenger vs 300zx Challenger vs SRT4 Challenger vs Mustang GT Eclipse vs turbo GSR Cobra vs c10 Eclipse vs c10

Best Of Desert Racing 1000 2012 (EXTREME OFF-ROAD)
This is a whole race edited into one amzing action fulled video! Make sure to watch it and share with others. The race is held in Botswana not far from the capital ...