Renault 5 "Bimoto" @ Drag Day Ελληνικού

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twin engined renault 5 turbo VS Honda civic ep3 type-R turbo + trolling...
trolling @ Drag Battle 2013 Thiva Kopaida Greece bimoto (problem) ep3 turbo 12.00 Don't forget to follow us on instagram : Like us on facebook : follow us on twitter :

Drag Day @ Αεροδρόμιο Ελληνικού 8-9 Ιουνίου
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+1000 HP Lancia Delta RR1 by Rama Racing: LAUNCH + start up + drag race
See all the pictures here: .html Like me on Facebook: Full HD video 1080p. In this video you can see some modified Lancia Delta HF Integrale during drag races. The most powerful is the yellow one: it produces more than 1000 hp and accelerates from standstill to 400 m in 9.210 seconds. It is modified by Rama Racing, for drag race. It's the fastest Delta in the world! The black one is the Delta by Risi Engineering. You can see the start up of the Delta RR1, and launches during the race, some revs, pure sound and burnout to warm up the tires. Nel video potete vedere alcune Lancia Delta modificate alle gare d'accelerazione all'aeroporto di Fossoli. La più potente è quella gialla, la Delta RR1 modificata da Rama Racing. Ha più di 1000 CV e accelera da ferma i 400 m in 9,210 secondi. Quella nera è la Delta by Risi Engineering. Tutte le foto qui: .html

Audi S3 "Όλοι Ενωμένοι" @ Drag Day Ελληνικού
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