Blown prostreet 55 chevy burnout

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Badass '55 Chevy Doing Smoky Street Burnouts!
Big Burnouts & loud V8 sounds! :) The engine is a stroker and makes 484 horses and 700nm! (Full HD 1080p!!) Facebook page: (likes needed) Feel free to share / subscribe, I really appreciate it :)

INSANE 55 Chevy Crash – Driver Walks AWAY!
Pikes peak International Raceway, Coloradoo Springs. Co INSANE 1955 Chevy Crash – Driver Walks AWAY! If you like this video Click here to Subscribe for more video----- Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Facebook -

1955 Chevy Blown 540 C.I. Drag Car Burnout!!!
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

55 Chevy Rollover - *SLO-MO*
Driver was wearing a seat belt, it was only a lap belt and you can actually see it fly out of the car after it was ripped from the floor. So glad to see the driver walk away from something that could of ended so differently.