prairie city chevy colorado 9 27 09 #2

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Meru y Chevy Colorado pasando playa Hueque Edo Falcon

timelapse of lift spindle install
installing modified 2wd z85 lift spindles on a 2wd z71

Me going up the Ledges at All Wheels
When on a ride with some guys from Maine 4X4 the night before. I did this line that night and made it. This is the first time I had done this line in the day light. Its the easiest line there but its I don't have the torque to do the other line. And don't have any of what I need to the hardest line there.

La Cuesta Jalisco 4x4
De La Cuesta Jalisco a La Mesa a probar dos 4x4 una Jeep Grand Cherokee y una Chevrolet Colorado.