Awesome 1950 MERCURY "Mer Low" Check out the paint

A gorgeous 1950 Mercury custom. Video by John Douglas Parran. Don't forget to subscribe & share this with your friends. The link is ...:

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1950 Mercury Foose/Coddington "Tail Draggin Charlie"
"Tail Draggin Charlie's" New Lead Sled

Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California
New video footage from July 2012 has been posted at The Mullin Automotive Museum in the heart of Oxnard is a stunning 47,000 square foot facility of over 50 most 1930s/1940s French art deco cars. Hidden away in an industrial park area of Oxnard, it is a must see for both the beauty of the cars and the facility itself. Absolutely breathtaking. Added bonus in this video...a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic is temporarily on display at the Museum. Apparently this car sold to a private collector recently for $30-$40 million. Wow. Additional video of the upstairs section of the museum at tml For thousands of things to do throughout Ventura County, visit

Hot Rod Custom Cadillac parked on the street at the Monterey Car Auction August 2009.....How fast can a parked Cadillac go?.... Art Deco Streamlined, Chopped, Lowered and just cool. Very nice body and finish work.