Restauracion: Ford Falcon ¨66 (Parte Nro 4)

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Restauracion: Ford Falcon ¨66 (Parte Nro 3)
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Ford Falcon 2013.WMV
Encontre estas imagenes por ahi y flashe como seria un comercial del falcon... le iba a meter ford ford falcon falcon falcon ford... pero no me convencio jaja... igual quedo pedorron, pero lo que vale es la intencion, son 3.23 y mañana se labura jajaja, basta por hoy :P

My 1961 Ford Falcon Car Crash Pics
This Video is of my 1961 Ford Falcon I had worked on for about a year. This pass March 2008 I got into a wreck hitting a telephone pole going about 45 or 50. ((Pics of the wreck are to the middle of the video)) this video was put together with pics I took over the year.