Eclipse GSX Vs. Stock WRX

Eclipse with Upgrades vs. STOCK 03' WRX (18miles) 1st WRX in county

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Civic got owned by Eclipse

Stephens Boosted Eclipse GSX.
I've known this kid for years now, and hes been through more cars than I can count, but the car hes worked on the most would definitely have to be this one. 9 times the motor has been pulled in less than 2 years, this kid would just not give up on this car. But finally it is running, and we decided to get together to make a video! Mad props to you man for striving and succeeding your goals you set 2 years ago, love ya! Go drop him a follow! @stephenpetrie Go drop me a follow! @ruined_sol website:

1995 Eclipse GSX Highway Pull/Snow Fun
-Couple of clips put together of me having fun in my GSX -More video's of this car and it's performance to come

Infiniti G vs. Mitsubishi Gsx
2005 G35 -intake 1997 Eclipse -Factory 6 bolt (ARP + MLS Headgasket)