Forza 4 Cruise Session

Just screwing around, don't ask why i chose a ZR1... 7-14-13 1 million views achieved. WOW thanks everyone who watched this video!

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Shift 2 - Audi RS4 496km/h

Forza 4 Fast and Furious Ending Race
Ending Race in Fast & Furious. Let me know what u guys think. Thanks to all my friends who assisted me in making this.

Chryslus Rocket 69 || FASTEST DRAG CAR?? || Forza 6
Today we build the fastest, craziest, and coolest car in Forza 6. Well not really the fastest but it certainly is crazy with 1000HP and only ONE gear! BE MY FRIEND!!!! Subscribe here! ►► Gamertag ► TheGingium Snapchat ► gingacaleb Follow me on Twitter ► Follow me on Instagram ► Music ►► MAKE SOME MORE FRIENDS!!! CMTW99 ►► East Side Garage ► DUBS ► MY AWESOME GRAPHICS TEAM!!! Twitter ► YouTube ► HOW TO GET IN SUBSCRIBER SHOWCASE ► Send an email to with a picture of your car Include your username! Title the subject "Sub Showcase" Your in!

Forza Horizon | Street Drags | ~1000HP Camaros, 700whp Evo 8, Built RX7s & More
Some digs & rolls Disclaimer:Information In This Video Is Used For Entertainment Only. Like Us On Facebook - Follow Us On Twitter - & Subscribe To Both Channels HIBoostRacingClubTV HIBoostRaceClubRAWHD