Turbo Integra vs the world

Summer 2012 of my Integra Build Benson B18B 84mm, Stock Crank Eagle rods / CP Pistons 9:1 GE headgaskets, ARP studs Stock PR4 LS head with crower 404's and springs/retainers STC 62mm Reaper hybrid turbo Go-autoworks ramhorn custom 3" downpipe/Exhaust PTE 1000's, walbro 400, E85 ACT XTG6 Clutch GSR gears w/ LS final OBX LSD Stock axles

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Turbo Integra vs The World 2014
A compilation of my races from last year (mostly lsx) in Mexico.

Green Reaper Supra Vs The Verguillas Integra
Grudge Race!!! Elite's 3.4L Supra PT7175 18Psi E85 6 Speed VS The Verguillas Integra 84mm Fully Built B Series 67mm turbo 12Psi C16 5 Speed Hondata S300 with CPR Nitrous Bottle Hooked Up But Driver said they Didn't Spray N it was Empty? Who knows the truth?

707 hp turbo Integra walk around. vutsteg
As requested an update video lol. its only been a few years. few mistakes in video. transmission is a bryan built 4 speed with a 5th gear cuff. i forgot to mention lots of little things. any questions feel free to ask. fullblown fast quick Dyno Boost 600 500 700 whp hp Boosted racing synapse ramhorn turbosmart tial garrett gt35 gt3582 b18 gsr acura race import street civic wire shaved skunk cars vtec 10 10.9 drag racing mile mnhonda integra 1/4 integra drag race integra turbo integra gsr gt35 integra integra type r turbo civic acura integra 10 second integra integra pull fast integra lsvtec integra Integra

640+whp turbo integra vs turbo nova, cities fastest car
wanted to make a cool vid, my integra vs my cities fastest street car. turbo integra is a laskey racing built 2.0L b18 gsr lsvtec, supertech valvetrain, garrett gt35 with a synapse ramhorn manifold. golden eagle intake, fullblown motorsports 1000whp fuel system. tial 44mm wastegate, car was tuned by fullblown. it made 639whp and 431tq on 27 psi. volk ce28's with 235 60 15 m&h street and strips chevy nova is a 496 big block rectangle ports, aluminium heards, precision pt-101 turbo, 60mm waste gate, runs on e85.