How to reset holden vy vz commodore service reminder

Resetting the service reminder on holden commodore. Had a lot of people asking me How to do this so thought I would make a short video thanks

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VZ (VY?) Holden Commodore Reset The Service Reminder HD
How to reset the service reminder on A VZ and maybe a VY Commodore. Please have a look at my other videos! How to change hook type wiper blades on a commodore How to change the front radius rod bushes on a VT, VX, VY OR VZ COMMODORE Holden VZ Commodore Oil Change Filter Service HD VZ Holden Commodore Service Vehicle Soon Warning And Replacement Of Oil Pressure Sensor HD How to patch up a noisy car fan Thanks for watching, if you want, subscribe to my channel.

Holden Commodore VX VY dashboard functions
Learn about diagnostic features on the VX VY Holden Commodore. Test lights see instrument and sensor parameters and outputs. See diagnostic codes.

Holden Commodore VZ V6 Service Vehicle Soon SVS reminder fault
This video shows the service vehicle soon SVS reminder, reoccurring even after I have reset using the trip computer buttons. It advises that the potential problem could be because of a faulty oil pressure switch. Watch my other videos for hint and tips on buying and replacing the oil pressure switch. I am not a professional mechanic, just doing this to help out.

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