Goodwood Revival 2012 - Why a Spitfire is called a Spitfire!

Spitfires are as much a part of the Revival as Ferraris, owing to the circuit's history as a Battle of Britain airfield

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10 Spitfire Scramble - Goodwood 2011
Lord March's Big Wing...... If you know your history and engineering, then the sight and sound of 10 Spitfires at Goodwood 2011 Revival cannot fail to move you. I go to the Revival each year as a way of remembrance to my Dad, who among other things, worked on the Spitfire. This year left me with a lump in my throat.... He would have loved this.... I loved it.... Unbelievable....

Spitfire MK XVI - First Engine Run in 17 Years!
Our Spitfire MK XVI rolled out of the hangar for its first engine run in 17 years! I had been flying it after we opened Fantasy of Flight, but there was like an AD on the landing gear bolts and we grounded it. It took several years to get the proper bolts but by then we'd moved on to other things and it just sat. Well we've finally gotten back on it, and here's the first engine run we've done on her in 17 years. At first it didn't want to start. The mixture control is not marked on the throttle quadrant and I may have flooded it . . . so we came back later for another try, and we got it running. Here's the clip. We still have a bit of work to finish painting the newly covered tail feathers and hooking them all up. Also, Andy's been dealing with some leaky undercarriage legs and it seems we have a leak in the air system as the brake pressure didn't come up as fast as it should. Hopefully, we'll get all that sorted out and we'll be able to get it flying soon. KERMIT WEEKS Want more of the Spitfire? Watch this clip next...

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The Original Spitfire Surprise Low Pass
The original low pass when a WW2 aircraft buzzed the camera crew shooting the open of a documentary on the 60th Anniversary of the Spitfire we produced for American television. Despite hearing on the radio from the control tower that the Spitfire was rolling we couldn't see the aircraft against the sky and thought the presenter's link would be over before the aircraft arrived. In actuality the pilot had lifted off then raised the undercarriage and kept the aircraft low so he hugged the ground and was lost to our eyes against the grass runway. We first noticed him when he crossed the tarmac roadway and dust was flicked up. That was when the still photograph was taken and immediately we all hit the deck as the presenter was pushed over by the downdraft from the Spitfire as he pulled up, no doubt laughing all the way. The pilot was a friend of the presenter and having fun with us or he'd have never pulled that stunt. Ray, the pilot, was a former leader of the Royal Airforce aerobatic team the Red Arrows and regarded as one of the finest pilots of his generation. We were lucky to film with him many times but this, the first time, was probably the most hair-raising encounter we had. Ray Hanna was a consumate professional and his remarkable flying prowess was saught after by display organisers and film directors the world over. Gemini Pictures