Mitsubishi Lancer GT / Proton Inspira Fender Bar (Ultra Racing) Installation Guide.

Install Ultra Racing bar will reduce body roll up to 40% For more infomation please log on :

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Lancer GT 打包 inspira EVO X

2008 Lancer Rear Spoiler
Step by Step Instructions

Proton Inspira downhill awana to karak toll 20140911
Running Torque pro track recorder android app. Video was captured using my Sony Xperia Z1. Apologies on the shakiness of the video, the phone mounting gotten lose at some point so yeah. Testing new settings on my Yokohama AD08R tires. Mainly on alignment and tire air pressure settings. Still not up to expectations :( And that fucking Audi TT that's been blocking for more than 2 minutes :/

Proton has updated the top of the line Proton Inspira 2.0P model. It now wears wheels that are upped an inch in size wrapped with 215/50R17 tyres, and it also comes standard with a bodykit. The larger wheels and kit should be enough to visually differentiate it from the 2.0E model. Other than the wheels and the bodykit, other differentiators between the 2.0P and 2.0E include leather versus fabric door trim and seats, and different audio head unitt where you get a touch screen GPS for the 2.0P, and a normal MP3 CD player for the 2.0E. Proton does bundle a portable navigator with the 2.0E though, so all 2.0 liter models have some form of GPS. All other niceties like auto headlamps and rain sensors are available on both models. The new Proton Inspira 2.0P is priced at RM92,450 OTR for solid colours, and RM92,900 OTR for metallic colours, an average premium of about RM6k over the 2.0E model.