historic Ford GT40 #1086 in Gulf Blue

This car was recently on display.

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Rosso California & Crema Ferrari California T
i was walking through the showroom of Palm Beach Ferrari and noticed the combination of colors on this car. I still like the old California better but these colors seemed to really suit this car.

Matte Grigio Ferrari 458 Speciale
this car was at the February 2016 Cars & Coffee at Ferrari of Palm Beach. still, to me, far better looking than the new 488 GTB. what do you think?

2016 Grigio Lynx Lamborghini Huracan Spider top up
here's a walk around of the same Lamborghini Huracan Spider, this time with the top up. i like the Spider better with the top up but the coupe better if the Spider has it's top down. what do you think?

Matte Pearl & Carbon Lamborghini Aventador Roadster SV
here's a walk around of an Aventador that was, last time i was there, available at Lamborghini of Palm Beach. to me this is one of the best looking exotics ever made. i was told it was priced around $600K.