My Mazda MX6 doing a flyby - nice exhaust sound

Took my mx6 out for a quick play when I got it and heres the video. Quick car!

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MX6 popping flames from 1st to 2nd gear! in HD
Managed to shoot some flames after peeling off the line, never had this before on a non turbo.

Mazda Mx-6 accélération sound
Mazda Mx6 Sound Exhaust 2.5L 24V

ND's Mazda MX-6 KLDE tunnel fun
Always wanted to hear what the MX-6 V6 would sound like in a tunnel :D Before entering the tunnel I downshift to 2nd and then.... give it the beans! of course I have to slow down before getting out ju

1994 mazda mx6 exhaust sound
1994 mx6 cold start it has obx r racing headers stainless steal Exhaust piping and cat also has short ram air intake