Dona Silvia SR20DET Starlet 7.52 @ 177 MPH

The ''Dona Silvia'' Starlet with SR20 Motor making a Pass on the Salinas Raceway

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Toyota Starlet Kp60 SR20DET swap | The Best Cars GR
Coming soon Kp60 with Sr20 engine.Stay tuned! More at: Amerikanos project Panos kontoxristos fanopoiia Pantelis Exhaust Jdm Stickerbombing

World Fastest B13 SR23VE All Motor PERIOD!!!!!
All Motor

Jerry Racing 7.20 @ 186mph New Record

SR20 Neo-VVL Dyno run 2
SR20VET, Stock P11 cams, forged bottom end, supertech valve springs, full race manifold, custom "freedy intake", ID 1000 injectors, apex'i Intercooler, GT3071R twin scroll, S15 6speed transmission. Made 385whp, 305 wtq, 18psi,~ 7200rpm in 5th gear Stopped the Dyno because of a blown BB on the turbo. Here's the video :