Low Budget Rally racing

Peugeot 205 used to race the little private dirt roads in france. 100% shot on the Gopro HD HERO2® camera. Like the music? Made by Domien555, check his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/domien555?feature=results_main

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Best of Amateur Rally 2014

Racing a rally car on a budget
Ever dreamed of being Ken Block? Alex Lloyd shows us how to compete on the same gravel roads as Mr. Gymkhana himself, racing at LSPR in Rally America's national championship -- while on a tight budget. Only, it doesn't go entirely to plan. At least not at first. Read the full story on Yahoo Autos: (http://yhoo.it/1CXx3rh)

Why not to rallycross with Steel wheels.
Chris from http://www.4cgm.com goes to Indiana Rallycross Test and Tune event March 22nd Attica IN http://www.indianarallycross.com/ Renting a ride from a fellow rallycrosser to try out rallycross for the first time. Unfortunately, the day ends a few runs short when the wheel decides to rip off the car. Had fun otherwise! If you have a cheap car I can buy to Rallycross, let me know, I may be hooked now! Follow Chris' regular gig Endurance racing with Chumpcar at https://www.facebook.com/FourCarGarageMotorsports

Yes, You Can Build a Sick Vintage Rally Car - AFTER/DRIVE
Ever wanted to go back in time, when screaming two-stroke Saabs were the kings of rally? Find out how you can, with Bruce Turk, Saab jedi-master and vintage rally dude. On the car's specs Bruce adds: "It now has a 850cc three cylinder two stroke motor that started life as a 750cc but the block was bored out to 850cc. It has Monte Carlo 850 pistons, a GT 750 crank shaft, a dual Solex "Super kit Carb, lightened flywheel, heavy duty clutch (extra springs added) fully ported intake and Exhaust ports to rally spec II specifications and a Spec II rally 4 speed Saab gear box which is very rare I might add... Oh, estimated HP is 60 BHP" If money were no object, what vintage car (of any era) would you most want to race/rally? Tell us below or follow the thread on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DriveTV/posts/411426532306961