Go Fast Jet Pack Man vs Ford Focus RS 2009 - TarMag

Eric Scott the World Famous Go Fast Jet Pack Man today (10th May) set another fastest speed world record on a jet pack. Eric managed to achieve a staggering 68mph compared to his first attempt on Friday of only 43mph. An exciting and unexpected drag race also took place today against Go Fast Jet Pack man Eric and BTCC champion Gordon Shedden in a 2009 Ford Focus RS vs. the Nitro Jet pack. At the finishing line Eric managed to gain a marginal winning distance over Gordon. Mark Morris, managing editor of TarMag - Track & Road Magazine - www.tarmag.co.uk "Knockhill have managed to put on a great motor show over the weekend, despite the cold wet and windy conditions on the Saturday, the brighter weather conditions brought the visitors on the Sunday. My personal highlight of the weekend had to be Go Fasts Jet Pack man"

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