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24 Hours of LeMons 2009 -- Black Iron Racing 1 of 4

Black Iron Racing was the 24 Hrs of LeMons ($500 car endurance race created by Jay Lamm) 2006 Altamont People's Choice, 2007 Altamont Overall Winner, and 2009 Buttonwillow People's Curse. This is onboard ChaseCam video of the BIR 1994 BMW 540i during the first 35 minutes of the race Vince B driving-- Part 1 of 4.


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24 Hours of LeMons 2009 -- Black Iron Racing 2 of 4
Black Iron Racing was the 24 Hrs of LeMons ($500 car endurance race created by Jay Lamm) 2006 Altamont People's Choice, 2007 Altamont Overall Winner, and 2009 Buttonwillow People's Curse. This is onboard ChaseCam video of the BIR 1994 BMW 540i during the first 35 minutes of the race Vince B driving-- Part 2 of 4.

24 Hours of LeMons 2011 Southern Discomfort CMP Alfa Romeo Dog Ciao Racing GoPro HD
Dog Ciao Racing 's 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider with two Go Pro HD cameras After a flawless practice day on Friday , we made the mistake of feeling pretty good about the rest of the weekend. In past races, we needed to change brake pads half way through Saturday's race. To maximize our time on the track we thought we'd be smart and change to ceramic pads. Well, that was the first thing to go wrong after the green flag dropped. The "better" pads wore down to the metal in the first 25 minutes. Over heating kicked in 17 minutes after that. Then the Fan Fuse required THIRD PIT all in the first 1 hour and 8 minutes. After that , 4th gear left the transmission. Then the fun began. After the final pit we pulled off the head - plugs good and firing, cams good, no valve took a trip through the pistons, sleeves all in place. Other than the fact there was No Compression, the engine was fine.... oh well, that LeMons Racing . Using two GoPro HD POV cameras and an apple mac MacBook

LeMons Car Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Sept. 24, 2011)
I attended the 24 Hours of LeMons race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on Sept. 24, 2011, and had a lot of fun. I recorded hours and hours of video, but boiled it down into this 5.5-minute video. I was there to watch my brother (Joe Kovacs), who raced in the #71 car (a 1985 Mazda RX7), so there is a bit of a focus on that car. However, I think it does a decent job of giving the general flavor of the race. I shot this with a Canon Vixia HF-S30 camcorder and used a GoPro HD Hero for the on-car shots. I edited it with Corel Video Studio Pro x4 and did the whole project in the AVCHD format. For more about me and what I do, visit http://www.bobkovacs.com.

24 Hours of LeMons -- BMW & BMW Get Friendly...
During the First Annual 24 Hours of LeMons Buttonwillow Histrionics, August 15-16, 2009, our #88 Barbarian Motorworks Charity Case BMW E30 325es gets a little friendly with the #65 Black Iron Racing BMW 540i on Saturday afternoon. Watch closely for the yellow flags waving just before impact. Both drivers missed it at first -- when Black Iron saw it, they decided that a full stop on the race track was the best course of action. On the fastest turn of the track, while passing a car on the high side. Unorthodox? Yes, but it did bring both cars to a full stop. Both teams pitted, fixed their cars, and were back on track by Saturday evening. As a side note, it wouldn't hurt if LeMons judges came down harder on teams for proper brake lights. The Black Iron guys had simply ziptied the stock 540 brake lights to the roll cage in the trunk, about 3 feet inwards of the rear bumper. That put them in one hell of a hard-to-see spot. Presumably based upon the description of this event as well as supposedly multiple complaints about their driving style, the #65 car was voted for the People's Curse award on Sunday morning. At the end of the day there were no hard feelings. After all, rubbing is racing.

Annoying Volvo @ 24 Hours of Lemons - Monticello 2013

24 Hours of LeMons People's Curse
This is the People's Curse (Car #45) for the 24 Hours of LeMons Arse-a-Palooza 2008 at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA. Other teams voted to have this car semi-destroyed. Jay Lamm asked the excavator operator to go easy on it - many may have voted simply because it was fast. The car DID return to the race an hour or two after... and was even faster with less weight! Great work team #45. -Kris Team PorcuBimmer

Finish Parade 24 Hours of Lemons Buttonwillow Raceway
Finish parade for the Buttonwillow Histrionics 24 Hours of Lemons. Our car is the red 101 Rhino.

Fiat vs. BMW at 24 Hours of Lemons Buttonwillow - HD
Fiat X1/9 versus BMW E30 at 24 Hours of Lemons, Buttonwillow Histrionics, August 2009 Video courtesy of Rahul and the Pink Pig team - thanks guys!!

24 Hours of Lemons South Fall 2009: Highlight Reel
Here is a collection of some of the interesting footage taken at CMP with our in-car camera (Aiptek HD+ with cheap wide angle lens). Our car was the #7 1986 VW GTI; Team SOB. Enjoy, and don't make fun of our driving.... we know already.

Big Sausage Roll at Buttonwillow 24 Hours of Lemons
Buttonwillow Histrionics - 24 Hours of Lemons: As Big Sausage and V8olvo battle it out for first place after 18 hours of driving on the last lap, Big Sausage's red Acura takes the "Lost Hill" corner, on the final 1/4 lap a bit too fast and flips. Team Lightning McQueen (driver: Baja Trish) was in the right place to barely catch it on our roof cam. Luckily the Big Sausage driver was unscathed physically, but I'm sure he's mentally and emotionally scarred for life. Pay attention to the "Lost Hill" in the top left, just above the blue BMW at around 0:35 to see the roll in the distance. Then stay tuned as we drive past the "CARnage".

24 Hours of LeMons Morning Warm Up
Team SuperJonny / Red Meat and Poontang during morning warm-up for the 2007 Thunderhill LeMons race. Driven by Jamie Smith.

24 Hours of LeMons - Altamont July 2007 - Track Action
Video footage of the amazing 24 Hours of LeMons. See wild spinouts, crazy cars and wild drivers work the track at Altamont

LeMons Wrapup-Sonoma Raceway #1 2014
Highlights from the 24 Hours of LeMons Sears Pointless race at Sonoma Raceway in March of 2014.

24 Hours of LeMons South
http://streetmuscleaction.com/. Race action from the 24 Hours of LeMons event at Carolina Motorsports Park this spring. For more cool car and engine videos, check out my website.

Geo Metro-Gnome tracks down MollyMaid Miata!
Epic battle between the Geo Metro-Gnome and the Molly Maid Miata!!

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