Cartuning Turbo kit for GM 3.8l V6 - Grand Prix Destroys Brand New M5 in 1/4 mile

A Grand Prix sporting a Cartuning Performance turbo kit absolutely destroys a brand new BMW M5 in the 1/4 mile.

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How To Turbocharge A Truck
Here is how to turbocharge a truck using an amazing turbo whistle kit. turbocharging your truck is easy with the turbo Exhaust whistle. Just put it in the end of the Exhaust pipe and you will have a turbocharged truck.

LOUD! Supercharged GTP
First pull is at :34 , and the 2nd one is at 1.35 Put my gopro in my engine bay to hear my Supercharger under the hood and this is the product! A loud screaming beautiful noise that i love to hear! Comment and let me know what you think.!? MOD LIST: 1 ) A Northstar TB & LQ4 MAF ZZP kit with TAC adapter 2 ) A ZZP 3" downpipe with deleted the cat converter.The associated engine codes related to the Catalytic convertor and rear oxygen sensor got deleted 3 ) 1.9 ZZP ratio rocker arms with 105# Comp Cam valve springs. 4 ) A modular 3.6" pulley is installed, also with 3.4pulley 5 ) 1 step cooler spark plugs installed 6 ) Left bank ZZP Power log Exhaust installed 7 ) Gen V ported Supercharger/blower 8 ) 1.0 tuned performance PCM from zzpperfomence 9 ) 245mm torque converter with 2500stall, with a lightened flywheel. 10 ) It also has a 55-100 shot Zex Nitrous kit. 11) L32 motor swap out of 2005 comp G i have a short stack Intercooler, and I have to go to 42.5# injectors come spring, the stock injectors are maxed out.

5-speed turbo grand prix, traction-less cartuning turbo kit
245/45/18 tires just did not hold up well, upgraded to some nice conti's 285/35/18s for the street and it stuck really well! this was on about 19psi

2000 Trans Am vs 2000 Grand Prix GTP
Running a 15.0