My new bike, a Yamaha XJ6 Diversion

First ride out on my replacement for the CBF1000, this time it's a Yamaha XJ6 Diversion (aka FZ6R in the US). I give you my first thoughts on the machine even though I've literally just bought it.

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Yamaha XJ6 Diversion Walk Around
Another overview of the Yamaha Xj6 Diversion, but this time with exterior shots of the bike. A great all-rounder I reckon.

Lunchtime Vlog, cos it was sunny!
Only watch if you really are bored, or indeed, maybe you're at work and it's lunchtime too! I don't talk about much here, except my job and whether I should move on to pastures new if something comes up as it's exceedingly quiet at the moment. As I've run out of the instructional type of material to pass on to new riders etc, I may start doing more bike tests and reviews to make up for lack of content. Having said that, it's an ongoing battle to keep any moto vlog channel going, so who knows when it's got to saturation point here on youtube with so many others doing the same kind of thing. And I briefly mention a young woman who works in my building who's moving on to better and brighter things and I wish her all the best in her new job! I didn't know her all that well really but she was pleasant enough with me the times we did speak. And yes, I do suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome from time to time and should keep my mouth shut lol, but hey, all meant in a light hearted way I hope.

New bike reveal! Sounds a bit like "Empty" Doh!
Just me and my new bike, no real surprises really in choice as I'd already reviewed it on a short test ride last year. So, talking a bit about handling and forks etc and it ain't all bad news really. I think it handles fine now after having ridden it for a few hours.

Response to Alex's MT09 purchase next year, plus other topics.
I give my thoughts on Alex's aka Blahdeblah52's wish to purchase a Yamaha MT 09 next year. So I talk about finance options, plus, as a tenuously linked topic, my experiences of a couple of bikes I'd bought in the past that weren't as good as they should have been, eg. Fireblade and VFR800. Also, a mention about the whole Google Plus fiasco and part switch to Vimeo, at least for the 1080 quality videos. HD Version here!