CamaRo WheeliE V8

Camaro 68'. This particular car began life as an RS/SS 396, but has been modified so much that very little or the original remains. Although primarily a show car, it hasseen track action, recording a best 1/4-mile time of 8.54 seconds at 164,4 mph. my lovee

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camaro ss wheelie drag launch
Camaro ss wheelie drag launch flying Camaro

Killer wheelstands from various drag strips across the country.

WHEELIE Camaro @ Street Car Takeover OKC!
Take a ride along in a Camaro at SCT OKC's Drag Race day as it effortlessly pulls the wheels for the first 100 feet of the track. Very simple setup, very fun results. Not sure if I'd enjoy the giant wheelie or winning the race more, but he had to choose one at this race!

Mark Mcgill Camaro Wheelie
Mark Mcgill Street Tire Shootout 9-27-14 Mid Michigan Motorplex Camaro does a Wheelie