99 chevy 1500 dual straight pipe

just my new Exhaust

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99 chevy 5.7 straight pipes
99 chevy 5.7 straight pipes

Loud Chevy 2
My 91 Silverado K1500 350 TBI with high performance cat and straight pipe.

Silverado runs down the street straight piped
I always like the way my old truck sounded straight piped ('99 1500 w/5.3) so I decided to give it a try with this truck. (2001 2500HD w/8.1) Exhaust is cut off behind the converters then has a 3" X pipe before going into 2.5" tailpipes with 3.5x18" stainless echo tips. No muffler. Love that big block rumble!

z71 straight pipe
its straight pipe y pipe with hi-flo cat, but its alright