99 chevy 1500 dual straight pipe

just my new Exhaust

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Chevy Dodge Ford Half Ton Straight Pipes
1995 Ford- 5.0 302 Hi Flow Cat to 3" straight pipe to dual 2.5" tailpipes 4" tips 1998 Chevy- 5.7 350 Vortec Stock Cats True Dual Straight 2.5" piping to 4" tips 2001 Dodge- 5.9 360 Hi Flow Cat to Y to 2.5" straight piping to 4" tips

1998 chevy silverado true dual straights with cats
my bros 98 silverado. 9 inch lift 35 inch tires. true dual Exhaust with powdercoated pipes and 3.5 inch tips.

1999 Straight Pipe 5.7 V8 Suburban
A quick look and listen to my 99's new Exhaust setup: High-Flow Magnaflow Catalytic Converters to Straight-pipes (muffler delete) to 3 1/2 " wide and 22" long tips True Dual 5.7 350 Vortec V8 A true heavy American engine breathing out the way it ought to! Comment or DM me if you have any questions on the mods! Follow me on FB and Twitter by following the links on my channel!

chevy tahoe exhaust
2.25" straight pipes no muffler, cats still on, 4 inch tips